IZOVO™ Brand Ambassadors

ApplyIZOVO™ Brand Ambassador Program

Do you have an Outgoing Personality? And High Energy?

  1. Personal & Professional People: Are you active around your home, or work community?
  2. College & University Students: Are you on campus, going from class to class, and living the college life?
  3. Anyone & Everyone: Do you work, live, learn, (or otherwise hang-out anywhere), where you can use the scooter, and bee seen rolling around your area?

We are currently seeking FUN & SMART brand ambassadors for your area now — If the people who know you, describe you as someone who likes engaging with people, is energetic, and responsible, then take advantage of this ground floor opportunity, and make some cash!

Application URL: http://izovo.com/ambassadors/apply/

Your key expectations are:

    • Spread the positive word about our company brand and Website;
    • Building good student community relationships;
    • Embrace and use the IZOVO™ self-balancing scooter;
    • Refer and retain new and repeat customers;

If you have a desire to be a part of super exciting startup in the San Francisco Bay Area,
then we want to hear from you! We want you to join our team, and help us ROLL out the IZOVO™ message in your area.


    • Be responsible, safe, and accountable;
    • Work independently & Be your own independent contractor;
      • This means you will be running your own operation, independent of IZOVO™
    • Process excellent communication and presentation skills; be fun and outgoing;
      • Customer service and marketing skills;
    • Self-motivation; a strong desire to winning, and over-succeeding goals;

Experience with people, sales, communications, marketing, or promotions is preferred. Must have legal work as an independent contractor authorization in your territory, in the USA. We located in the San Francisco Bay Area; We are seeking students and professionals for your area now.

Job Type: Commission/ Independent Contractor. (We do not tell you what to do, or when to work; you are your own boss.)

How does this work: You get your own scooter to use around campus, everyone will ask you about it.

You refer customers to the Website, and you get your own discount code, to give out to people. You get 10% of every sale that is associated with your coupon code. These are very popular, and everyone wants to know about them.

Note: You will be an IZOVO™ Brand Ambassador — Use your business, marketing, and life skills, in this real world opportunity, to use for your resume, career experience, and example of success!

Compensation: You are not guaranteed to make any money, but the average sale is $600 (after the coupon code), you get 10% of all sales using your discount code — so if you refer 10 sales month, then you could get $600/month; and if you refer 100 sales month, then you could get $6,000/month. Also, you get to use this experience for your resume, early career experience, and early success!

Refundable Deposit: $397 (You will get you very own IZOVO™! Refundable deposit after 10 referrals with sales associated with your discount code.)

ApplyApplication URL: http://izovo.com/ambassadors/apply/

Marketing Ideas:

    • Example: Planning and execution of event setup;
        • IZOVO™ tug-of-war
        • IZOVO™ freeze tag
    • Example: Partnering with school communities;
        • Academic Clubs
        • School Sports Teams
    • Example: “Postering” on Campus or community;
    • Example: Organizing events/workshop;

About IZOVO™: We are amazing company that is changing the future of the personal transportation industry! If you can see this opportunity, are an independent consultant, and want to be a part of something BIG and AMAZING, then we want to hear from you, ASAP!